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 Peter Cousens

 Individual Singing Lessons

  Singing lessons for the professional and the student.





Singing Technique 

Song Interpretation  

Performance skills

Self Belief and Confidence



The best reason to sing is to change the way people feel.

Singing is when the heart and mind speak as one.

Singing leaves a legacy of kindness. 



"My aim is to help the singer/actor to find value and purpose in their singing so they will enrich their own lives and the lives of others".


“It is more than just teaching someone to sing. Singing is a mind/body activity. Successful singing requires engaging the whole person”.



"I see the Arts and in particular the Performing Arts, as the key to creating well lived lives".


“It is the Arts that supply the skills required to live in a civilised, tolerant and free society. Empathy, understanding, vulnerability, resilience, courage and hope are all the precinct of the Arts. 


 "It is the responsibility of every artist to maximise the potential of their gifts".




Peter Cousens Bachelor of Drama  (NIDA).


Adjunct Associate Professor - School of Performing Arts


Central Queensland University


A gifted singer, actor, recording artist and teacher.





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