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Sing to continuously and relentlessly engage

Songs are made up of ideas delivered purposefully in an emotional form. Music and melody can conjure an emotional response. No debate. A Song delivers ideas (messages) in a way that is accessible and emotional – this is the music part. The delivery method (words and music) is ideally suited to the message .

The messenger, singer, needs to be authentic.

You need to be as one with and connected to, what and how you are delivering, or audiences will subliminally switch off. It’s not always about them liking you, it’s about them staying with you - engaged and transported.

The relentless intensity of engagement is essential. The challenge to the audience is - don’t you dare drift off because if you do you may miss something really funny, meaningful or moving. Give value to the message. Make it the most important message they are going to receive in this context over the next three minutes and the experience is potentially life changing.

As a performer I try to think like a leader. If I want an audience to follow I need to apply some of those attributes we assign to leadership: Self-confidence, Self-belief, Self-knowledge, Purpose, Courage, Authenticity.

The outcome is relentless and continuous engagement.

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