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I was fortunate enough to attend an afternoon Masterclass in Armidale at the New England Conservatorium of Music conducted by Peter Cousens, the renowned singer/actor .


...I have attended numerous master classes over the years from renowned teachers and master performers - and this was one of the best I have been to  because of Peter’s excellent communication skills and superb ability to hone in on what needed to be said and what could be left unsaid.


....every singer learnt important things in a very short time. Peter‘s focus was entirely on each performer  and he seemed to know instinctively how far he could push each student  in terms of going deeper emotionally in a short time...


.....Peter said he looked for honest singers rather than those who wanted to impress. This is what he displayed himself in his teaching too - there was no effort to impress, but he was nevertheless very impressive in his unerring ability to get each singer to take responsibility to bring their unique interpretation of the song to life....


Peter’s vast experience showed in the adept way he handled the differing levels of experience and all the singers felt supported as they tried new things. Performances were transformed...


...we all left inspired and with a stronger sense of who we were as singers, and what performing was all about.


Dr. Inge Southcott

BMUS, MMUS(vocal pedagogy), MBBS, BFA.

Singing Teacher

New England Conservatorium of Music

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